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Expertise, Consulting and Training for LEAN SIX SIGMA - DMAIC

3Conseils accompanies businesses to improve their operational performance

  • Insurance of the decision making process
  • Optimization of operational costs
  • Reduction of process variation
  • Decrease in cycle times
  • Elimination of defects
  • Sustainability of improvements

3Conseils offers Expertise, Know-How and Experience in Lean Six Sigma DMAIC

  • Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Green Belt / Black Belt) Training 
  • Kickoff / Leading projects
  • Process Mapping (transportation flows, value-added tasks...)
  • Reliability of measurements and Process stability
  • Performance / Process capability
  • Identification of sources / root causes (Data Mining)
  • Identification of improvements with effects (Quality x Acceptance)
  • Accompaniment of change and Transfers of competence
  • Sustainability plan and piloting of processes

 Lean Six Sigma DMAIC




  • ​Understand the principles of Lean Six Sigma - DMAIC
  • Acquire knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodology - DMAIC at a Green Belt level
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma in a service / industrial environment
  • Be capable of transmitting the principles of Lean Six Sigma

3Conseils participated at the session in Lyon

(Oct. 28-29 2015)



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